A Peculiar Love Story 💙

Hello Readers!
It’s Mel, and today I want to tell a story. Its a peculiar love story…

There was a boy, he was being flooded with problem.. Abuse, low mental health and was overall in a bad state. He bottled it up for so long, but on one Saturday afternoon.. He met a girl. She was just getting over a heartbreak when they met.. They talked for hours and hours, but the only problem is.. They lived what seemed like a world apart.

After just the first conversation, they fell for each other.. He wanted her and she wanted him but it was kept quiet.. Weeks went by and they were still talking.. About everything. They opened up to each other and trust was gained.. Finally the feeling came out and after a few days they were together.. Happier then ever.
No one knew, they kept it from their friends.. She wanted to tell but he just wasn’t ready.

A month went by, and the first break up happened.. His parents found out, and was forced to end the relationship.. They were both heartbroken.
After two days of being heartbroken, they decided to disobey his parents and continue on the relationship.. He was scared for what might happen.

Multiple break ups happened after that, mental health, her temper.. The relationship began to become unbearable to carry on. He was changing, he started to control her.. “You can’t talk to him” “I dont like your friend” She cut off multiple friendships so it would keep the peace..

After this all happened, it was the final breakup.. The breakup ended for no reason.. She left and left for good. She hated him, didn’t want to ever hear from him again.. But still loved him.

This story started off as something that they thought would last forever.. It ended it heartbreak.. However she isn’t over it.. Its been months and it still hurts her.. She wonders if it is hurting him too.

Mel x


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