40 Personal Questions Answered.

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Hello Readers!

It’s Mel, and today’s post is a little get to know me. So, I thought to do these questions


1. Single or taken?
I’m a single Pringle.

2. Middle name?
My middle name is Mia.

3. Last kiss?
That was I believe in 2015.

4. Girl best friends?
I have one, her name is Belle.

5. Guy best friends?
I also have one, his name is Ty.

6. Favourite song?
I cycle though a lot of genres so I dont have a favourite.

7. Height?
I am 5ft1.

8. Weight?
I honestly have no idea.

9. First kiss?
Well this was back when I was 15.

10. Play any sports?
I like to play football, but not professionally.

11. One secret?
I actually really like Ty.

12. Piercings?
I have my ears pierced.

13. Longest relationship?
My longest relationship was 5 months.

14. Favourite ex?
I don’t have a favourite, they all are pretty horrendous.

15. Race?
I am Caucasian.

16. 3 things I would change about myself?
Eyes, hair and nose.

17. Who you tell everything to?
Belle, for sure.

18. Ever cheat?
No, not at all.

19. One wish?
World peace.

20. Funniest memory?
When Belle got pooped on by a seagull, she was freaking out whilst I was trying to helped and laughing too much.

21. Beach or pool?
Pool for sure.

22. Think you’re pretty?
Yeah, everyone is beautiful, including myself.

23. Been bullied?
Yeah, it doesn’t affect me too much, I focus on the positives 😊

24. Age?
I am 16, 17 next month.

25. Goals on IG?
I’m not quite sure what this means.

26. Favourite food?
I don’t have a favourite, I do really like enchiladas though.

27. Who do you trust most?
Belle and Ty.

28. Person you’ve been through the most with?
Belle and my ex.

29. Favourite colour?
Blue 💙

30. Been suspended?
Never have.

31. What did you today?
Go shopping for an eyelash curler.

32. Most hated teacher?
In my old school, I really disliked one of my science teachers.

33. School?
I actually go to college.

34. Want kids?
Yes, but the whole pregnancy and birth scares me.

35. If so, how many?
One or two.

36. Boy or girl?
One of each.

37. Pets?
I have a dog and cat.

38. List two of your ex’s.
Ashley and Tyler.

39. 3 turn ons?
And a bonus, their laugh.

40. 3 turn offs?
Unnecessarily mean

This was rather a long post, hope you enjoyed.

Mel x


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