Hello Readers!

It’s Mel, and today I want to talk about friends.

Friends are people you are happy to be around, they are people who make school less painful. However, there’s also ‘friends’ who are known as toxic.

These friends will bring you very low, make you feel insecure, talk about you behind your back and humiliate you in front of everyone, saying its a ‘joke’.

It’s okay to separate yourself with people like that, no company is better then bad company and eventually you’ll find your real friends.

They’ll make you laugh, smile and just overall happy because that’s what friends do, and you’ll look back and see how awful those toxic friends actually were.

But with arguing with your friends, don’t shout and get angry, talk about it in a civil manner and understand both of the sides without raising your voice.
Communication is very important in any friendship and relationship, remember that.

Anyway, thank you for reading.

Mel x


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