Let’s Talk Aboyt Love

Hello Readers!

It’s Mel, sorry I’ve been away for a few days. I’ve had writers block but im back with another post.

Today I want to talk about love. If you read my 40 facts post, my answer for “What is one secret you have?” And that was I actually like Ty.

Ty is one of my closest friends, he’s smart, funny, attractive and a complete weirdo like me. I can’t help but to like him, we are similar in a lot of ways which makes us bond even more.

However, I know that it won’t happen and I know that if I told him I’d get rejected and then we’ll slowly fade away.
He doesn’t know, but I want to tell him but then again, I can’t.

We don’t talk as much anymore, we aren’t as close as we were before. I don’t want to just disconnect completely but its happening.

On a good note, we do talk everyday a small portion but we still talk.
It’s okay, I won’t worry about it.. I’ll be positive about it 😊

Thank you for reading.

Mel x


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