Hello Readers!

It’s Mel, and its been a while. Sorry that it’s been so long, I didn’t really have much to blog about. Anyways, today I want to talk about organising.

I love organising and decorating things, particularly my room. I feel so homely when I have a well planned cosy room. I do like warm colours for my room because then I feel warm. 

That’s properly why I love winter, I love being cosy and having the heating on. 

What is your favourite season?

Sorry this is quite a bad post, ill see you guys soon.

Mel x


Talking About Change

Hello Readers!

It’s Mel, and its been a while. Sorry that I haven’t posted I’ve been occupied with other things.
Today, I wanted to talk about change. I’m open to some change, I love to change up my environment. Like changing my room, I do it regularly because I feel better when things around me aren’t always the same.

But, I don’t like change with friends, I like my friends to stay the same and rarely add friends.

Change is a love hate thing, everything changes no matter how much you try to keep it the same. Change is good, don’t be scared of change.

What do you like to change?

Mel x

Let’s Talk Aboyt Love

Hello Readers!

It’s Mel, sorry I’ve been away for a few days. I’ve had writers block but im back with another post.

Today I want to talk about love. If you read my 40 facts post, my answer for “What is one secret you have?” And that was I actually like Ty.

Ty is one of my closest friends, he’s smart, funny, attractive and a complete weirdo like me. I can’t help but to like him, we are similar in a lot of ways which makes us bond even more.

However, I know that it won’t happen and I know that if I told him I’d get rejected and then we’ll slowly fade away.
He doesn’t know, but I want to tell him but then again, I can’t.

We don’t talk as much anymore, we aren’t as close as we were before. I don’t want to just disconnect completely but its happening.

On a good note, we do talk everyday a small portion but we still talk.
It’s okay, I won’t worry about it.. I’ll be positive about it 😊

Thank you for reading.

Mel x

Accepting Others

Hello Readers!

It’s Mel, and today I want to talk about accepting others.

Today, I was at an event for my siblings school, in my little sisters class is a particular child who is girl but was originally born a boy.
My mum said “That girl is originally a boy but wants to be a girl and everyone in her class calls her a girl and it warms my heart to see that”

Hearing that was the sweetest thing ever, at a young age this girl has already been accepted by her class.

Accepting other for what they want to be is the most heartwarming thing ever.
What’s so bad about finding who you are?
We need love, not hate.

Mel x


Hello Readers!

It’s Mel, and today I want to talk about friends.

Friends are people you are happy to be around, they are people who make school less painful. However, there’s also ‘friends’ who are known as toxic.

These friends will bring you very low, make you feel insecure, talk about you behind your back and humiliate you in front of everyone, saying its a ‘joke’.

It’s okay to separate yourself with people like that, no company is better then bad company and eventually you’ll find your real friends.

They’ll make you laugh, smile and just overall happy because that’s what friends do, and you’ll look back and see how awful those toxic friends actually were.

But with arguing with your friends, don’t shout and get angry, talk about it in a civil manner and understand both of the sides without raising your voice.
Communication is very important in any friendship and relationship, remember that.

Anyway, thank you for reading.

Mel x

40 Personal Questions Answered.

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Hello Readers!

It’s Mel, and today’s post is a little get to know me. So, I thought to do these questions


1. Single or taken?
I’m a single Pringle.

2. Middle name?
My middle name is Mia.

3. Last kiss?
That was I believe in 2015.

4. Girl best friends?
I have one, her name is Belle.

5. Guy best friends?
I also have one, his name is Ty.

6. Favourite song?
I cycle though a lot of genres so I dont have a favourite.

7. Height?
I am 5ft1.

8. Weight?
I honestly have no idea.

9. First kiss?
Well this was back when I was 15.

10. Play any sports?
I like to play football, but not professionally.

11. One secret?
I actually really like Ty.

12. Piercings?
I have my ears pierced.

13. Longest relationship?
My longest relationship was 5 months.

14. Favourite ex?
I don’t have a favourite, they all are pretty horrendous.

15. Race?
I am Caucasian.

16. 3 things I would change about myself?
Eyes, hair and nose.

17. Who you tell everything to?
Belle, for sure.

18. Ever cheat?
No, not at all.

19. One wish?
World peace.

20. Funniest memory?
When Belle got pooped on by a seagull, she was freaking out whilst I was trying to helped and laughing too much.

21. Beach or pool?
Pool for sure.

22. Think you’re pretty?
Yeah, everyone is beautiful, including myself.

23. Been bullied?
Yeah, it doesn’t affect me too much, I focus on the positives 😊

24. Age?
I am 16, 17 next month.

25. Goals on IG?
I’m not quite sure what this means.

26. Favourite food?
I don’t have a favourite, I do really like enchiladas though.

27. Who do you trust most?
Belle and Ty.

28. Person you’ve been through the most with?
Belle and my ex.

29. Favourite colour?
Blue 💙

30. Been suspended?
Never have.

31. What did you today?
Go shopping for an eyelash curler.

32. Most hated teacher?
In my old school, I really disliked one of my science teachers.

33. School?
I actually go to college.

34. Want kids?
Yes, but the whole pregnancy and birth scares me.

35. If so, how many?
One or two.

36. Boy or girl?
One of each.

37. Pets?
I have a dog and cat.

38. List two of your ex’s.
Ashley and Tyler.

39. 3 turn ons?
And a bonus, their laugh.

40. 3 turn offs?
Unnecessarily mean

This was rather a long post, hope you enjoyed.

Mel x

Chat About Body Confidence

Hello Readers!

It’s Mel, and today’s post is about body confidence.

I see everyone in the world as beautiful, each and every one of you and I don’t think that there is a ‘perfect’ size.. No one should have to feel like they have to look a certain way.
Honestly, every body shape is beautiful, I see nothing at all wrong with being different to what others expect you to be.. After all different makes you unique.

I see a lot of people trying to lose weight to fit in with their friends who are skinny, when society classifies being overweight or obese as bad.
Everyone is beautiful, but because they have something different to everyone else, its targeted and mocked. Can’t we live in a world where no one was disrespected because of their weight, race, religion..ect.

Mel x